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This page will be regularly updated with all of the information related to COVID-19 that pertain to our members and guests.

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COVID-19 Update (5/15/20)

Thank you to all of you who have been viewing and sharing the regathering guidelines we posted this week. As we resume our in-person gatherings, the health of our congregation and our community are of utmost concern.

Because the elders of RPBC are committed not only to staying safe but also to total transparency, we have another brief update for you.

This past Wednesday (May 13), several of us were at the church campus, preparing for Sunday morning's service. Today (Friday, May 15) one of the individuals who was on our campus Wednesday found out that a member of their household has a coworker who tested positive for Coronavirus antibodies, not the virus itself, although they are waiting for the test results about the virus. Again, someone who was here has a family member who has a coworker who tested positive for the antibodies.

Even though there is only a very small chance that the person who was actually in our facility was carrying the virus, that person will not be attending on Sunday, and our facility will be thoroughly cleaned again before Sunday morning. We are confident that by the time we gather on Sunday, our facility will have been cleaned well enough of any trace of the virus that may have been in the room.

Furthermore, if we all follow the guidelines that we have laid out (hand sanitizer, hand washing, safe distancing, no physical contact), then we can be that much more confident that we are all staying safe. 

To be honest, we hesitated to share this information, because we do not want to cause unnecessary alarm. But we felt that it was better to err on the side of full disclosure, so that you can make an informed decision for yourself about whether or not you and your family feel comfortable attending on Sunday.

Have a great day, and, Lord willing, we'll see you on Sunday.