Bible Study

Our Bible Study Groups are designed to create devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end, we emphasize biblical teaching and application to our personal lives; Christian fellowship and care for one another; and intentional training and equipping to fulfill the Great Commission.

Home Fellowship

Home Fellowship is an opportunity to connect with one another and connect the Word of God to everyday life. Our bible study classes meet in homes the first Sunday evening of every month to enjoy food, fellowship, and discussion based on the morning's sermon, in order to apply the Word of God to our lives.

For information about the times and locations for Home Fellowship, please contact us at


Adult I

Teachers: Colton Aardal

Topic: Romans

Location: Administration 100 (Fellowship Hall)

Adult II

Teachers: Art Gartside & Dick Comerford

Topic: 2 Thessalonians

Location: Education 101 (Gym—1st floor)

Adult III

Teacher: Doug Barry

Topic: The Sermon on the Mount

Location: Education 102 (Gym—1st floor)

College & Career

Teachers: Scott & Lura Manley, Josh Lewis

Topic: The Gospel Project—Genesis 

Location: Education 103 (Gym—1st floor)

Junior High & High School Students

Teachers: Sterling Cooper & Nick Maddison

Topic: Explore the Bible—Genesis

Location: Student Room (Gym—2nd floor)