Discipleship Classes

Join us Wednesday night at 6:15 for Discipleship Classes, designed to help you grow in your knowledge of what the Bible teaches about God and how to practically follow Jesus. 

Immediately before these classes you can take join us for our Fellowship Dinner from 5:00 to 6:00 in the Gym (cost is $2.00 per person). RPBC members and visitors are welcomed any time!

Spring Discipleship Classes

  • The Attributes of God (Adults)

    If we are going to read our Bibles effectively, we must know God accurately. The result should be that all of our actions, emotions, struggles, and failures should deepen our understanding of, trust in, reliance upon, and imitation of God’s character. This study is designed to help make the connection between current struggles and the attributes of God we need to learn, clarify, trust, enjoy, or emulate more.

    Led by Josh Lewis

    Location: Chapel

  • Voices: Hearing God in A World of Imposters (Women)

    When so many voices claim to speak for God, how do you know which to believe? Lying prophets, fraudulent spirits, and false teachings have been a threat throughout the history of the Church (Matt. 7:15). Considering the fact that the New Testament closed God’s special revelation, we will look at how He communicates to His people today, so we can learn to differentiate the true from the false and stand firm in these last days.

    Led by Jennifer Heinze

    Location: Fellowship Hall

    Book: $15 (scholarships available)

  • Back to the Beginning and Beyond: A Study of Eternity Past, Present & Future (Students)

    Imagine the Bible without Genesis 1–3! Without a right understanding of God the Creator (Gen. 1:1-2), the first days (Gen. 1:3-31), the first man (Gen. 2), the first sin (Gen. 3), and the first promise of the Gospel (Gen. 3:15), we cannot understand God the Redeemer. In this study, students will search Scripture to understand “first things,” so they can know God, defend the Gospel to a skeptical world, and prepare for the “last things” promised at Christ’s second coming.

    Led by Edward Heinze

    Location: Student Room

  • Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God (Worship Team)

    It is vital that those who serve the gathering of God’s people understand what the Bible teaches about worship and leading worship. In this study the worship team of RPBC and those interested in joining the worship team will read and discuss Bob Kauflin’s book, Worship Matters. Topics will include the heart of a worship leader; the task of leading worship; theological and practical matters of leading worship; and the worship leader’s relationships.

    Led by Jeff Dyke

    Location: Worship Center